A familiar pull
                    (you know how it goes)
a smile for a while
and sun shining down so carefully draped -
                     (you know how it ends)
you just wait -
wait -
                      (you could hold your breath)
a cover of cascading faces
                      (you once thought they weren’t faces)
they will rip, tear,
break like glass
shatter like dreams
that’s how easy it is
                      (but you knew that already)

and here you are
                      (not there yet)
almost there
you are carefully draining
holding some own
but knowing there’s a certain futility
to the fight.

Hold your side as if you can keep
the blood from spilling
cradle such hope
as if that will help
                     (you know it won’t)

This familiar pull
it will rip you down
                     (you knew it would)
just wait
fight if you can
but know
this body belongs to
the dark.