Do You Dare

for Sax Quartet and two Narrators

*trigger warning*

When I was 16, I was dating person. And my friends would ask me the typical questions. "Where did you meet?" "How'd you start dating?" "Have you said I love you yet?" Fast-forward 8 months, I have a few more things figured out, and I'm dating someone who at the time identified as female. You'd think the questions would be similar - "Where did you meet?" "How'd you start dating?" "Have you said I love you..." But these aren't the questions we were asked. Actually, the questions were much, much different. So I started writing those questions down and when I finished writing down the questions I'd been asked, I started writing down the questions some queer person somewhere had been asked before. Then I began writing down the questions that I wanted to ask, that I wanted to ask of...perhaps...straighter people. I wove these questions into music, using sax quartet (the most flamboyant of chamber ensembles) and finished with what I considered a challenge. As if to say - Do you dare imagine what this is is like for us? Dare you ask? Dare you help? And most importantly, dare you do something about it?